Freeline Indonesian Surf Adventures

DAMAI BUNGALOWS guests who choose the full service package run by FREELINE INDONESIAN SURF ADVENTURES will be bound by that companies terms & conditions. FREELINE is our agent only, DAMAI BUNGALOWS play no part in the organising/running of FREELINE packages and FREELINE plays no part in the running of DAMAI BUNGALOWS.

Travel Insurance


Deposits, Balances and Refunds

  • 30% deposit is non-refundable under any circumstances once received
  • once balance is received if trip cancelled outside 6 weeks from arrival, 50% of balance refunded
  • inside 6 weeks from arrival, no refund but may be exchanged for another time during the same season


DAMAI BUNGALOWS reserves the right to cancel any bookings that are not paid within these times

  • deposits: within 7 days of us confirming availability
  • balances: within 6 weeks of arrival date

Arrival and Departure

Guests are responsible to provide us with their arrival/departure details as soon as they know. Guests understand we are approx. 6 hours from the airport & agree to give us adequate time to arrange for our car to come & meet you.

Early departures from DAMAI BUNGALOWS for any reason whatsoever will forfiet the unused portion of the trip. We will assist where we can but refunds cannot be given.

No Liability for Safety

DAMAI BUNGALOWS is not liable & accepts no responsibility for any damage, injury or loss to person/s or property whilst getting to or staying at DAMAI BUNGALOWS.

DAMAI BUNGALOWS accepts no responsibility for the welfare/safety of guests whilst here in sumatra.

No Liability for Expenses

DAMAI BUNGALOWS is not liable for any extra expenses possibly incured whilst travelling to/at damai bungalows including excess baggage, departure taxes, expenses incurred outside of damai bungalows.

Zero Tolerance Policy for Drugs

We have zero tolerance towards drugs & will protect DAMAI BUNGALOWS reputation within the area by upholding local laws.

No Liability for Theft, Disputes, Damage etc

Guests hiring local cars or motorbikes will not hold DAMAI BUNGALOWS liable in any way in relation to disputes, damage, theft or injury to persons or property. We will assist where we can but you are responsible for your actions.

To drive in Indonesia, you will require an Indonesian or international driver’s licence appropriate to the type of vehicle. An Australian licence is not sufficient.

Travel at Your Own Risk

Guests understand Indonesia is a developing country, we assume no responsibility for any local political unrest, terrorism, acts of god or anything else outside our direct control. We advise you to check with your countries government travel department to assess the situation before you go. For example, in Australia there is the Smart Traveler Website – ref: Indonesia.

Abide by Local and International Laws

You must respect, observe and adhere to the relevant laws and legal obligations when you are traveling. Australian visitors we suggest you review http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/view/Advice/Indonesia#Local_Laws. The sentences for some crimes in Indonesia can be severe. A few important points to note.

Penalties for drug offences are severe and include the death penalty. Penalties for possession of even small amounts of recreational drugs include heavy fines and imprisonment. Police target illegal drug use and possession across Indonesia, in particular popular places and venues in Bali and Jakarta.

Be Polite, Respect other People and Property

Travelers are staying as our guests, at our discretion.

We reserve the right to remove any guest/s at our discretion who either threaten DAMAI BUNGALOWS reputation in the village or other guests right to enjoy their stay.

Computer related issues

DAMAI BUNGALOWS is not liable for any damages whatsoever related to the internet or computer related issues whilst booking with or using our website. We also cannot guarantee reliable internet access when you are staying with us.

Relax, Enjoy, Have Fun and Smile

DAMAI BUNGALOWS reserves the right to help make sure EVERYBODY has an enjoyable , relaxing holiday with us.