Frequently Asked Questions

Local doctors are available and major hospitals are up to 6 hours away. A well-equipped first aid kit is essential out here and we can’t stress enough ‘TRAVEL INSURANCE INCLUDING MEDIVAC IS ESSENTIAL FOR TRAVELING IN INDONESIA’ we can help you out but won’t assume any responsibility should you get into trouble.

Despite what others may claim, the fact is like anywhere in Indonesia in the middle of the season it can become busy. However, generally this region attracts the more cruisy type of surfer/tourist. This mellow area is far removed from the chaos found in places like Bali. Fringe and off season guests greatly increase their chance of solitude.

We believe, what is your name? Where are you from? Are you married? Are on the first page of “what to ask a tourist 101″?

Mobile phones with global roaming will work out here. You can buy local sim card packages to call or sms cheaply. We have found internet equipped mobiles, i-phones, blackberry’s, ipad’s etc work well within the camps common area.

Damai now has free WIFI for the guests to use as they please.

There are local bus companies that leave & arrive daily to nearly anywhere you would want to go. Along the main road from the south of Damai Bungalows & to the north a fleet of public bemo’s provide cheap if not comical transport. Damai bungalows encourages interaction with the friendly locals.