Can we change money here?

At this stage there are no money changing facilities in Krui or Damai Bungalows. Best advice is to change your money in Jakarta or Bali BEFORE you arrive. Travelers cheques cannot be changed either.

Currently an ATM exists in Krui that accepts Visa and  Mastercard, Damai also plans on having credit card facilities for on season 2017

ATM’s & money changers are widely available in Jakarta or Bali. Bandar Lampung has ATM’s however that is 5 to 6 hours away from us. Please let us know BEFORE you leave the airport if you need to stop there.

As Damai Bungalows provides 3 meals a day with your accommodation, you only have your bar tab to pay, as well as any local services you use. ALL bills must be paid before leaving & prices when using local services should be agreed upon before using them.

We would suggest $500 AUD per person per fortnight would be more than enough to cover your personal expenditure.