Frequently Asked Questions

At this stage there are no money changing facilities in Krui or Damai Bungalows. Best advice is to change your money in Jakarta or Bali BEFORE you arrive. Travelers cheques cannot be changed either.

Currently an ATM exists in Krui that accepts Visa and  Mastercard, Damai also plans on having credit card facilities for on season 2017

ATM’s & money changers are widely available in Jakarta or Bali. Bandar Lampung has ATM’s however that is 5 to 6 hours away from us. Please let us know BEFORE you leave the airport if you need to stop there.

As Damai Bungalows provides 3 meals a day with your accommodation, you only have your bar tab to pay, as well as any local services you use. ALL bills must be paid before leaving & prices when using local services should be agreed upon before using them.

We would suggest $500 AUD per person per fortnight would be more than enough to cover your personal expenditure.

When at Damai bungalows we can assist you with vans/motorbike hire once you are here. Motorbikes are Rp 65,000 p/d, vans have set rates to popular locations with driver. We only organise transport for you, no commission is taken. A locally owned organization regulates all transport on the point.

All your surfing gear, rashy, towel, leggys, booties, fins etc. Nanang is the local ding repair guy & can fix all your damage to fibreglass & epoxy boards. He does a great job at very reasonable prices.

A decent 1st aid kit, mozzie repellant, ipod, books, long sleeve shirt & long pants, sun protection, fishing & snorkeling gear, phone chargers, power adaptor (local power is through round 2 pin style sockets).

An adventurous & relaxed attitude so you get the most out of your stay with us.

No doubt countless.

With a minimum 6 months validity on your passport, most nationalities are issued with a free 30 day visa on arrival. Alternatively a 60 day tourist visa can be applied for before arriving in Indonesia. Please check with your closest Indonesian embassy/consulate. Ensure your flight out of Indonesia leaves before your visa ends, your arrival date is classed as your first day regardless of the time of day or night you arrive.

The Lampung locals are very friendly people. Predominantly of Muslim faith, they are still very traditional. To respect local traditions, when outside of Damai Bungalows, you should dress modestly. Ladies should cover their shoulders and thighs and guys should wear a shirt. Like anywhere when traveling, keep an eye on your gear when out & about, be respectful & remember a smile quickly breaks down any language barriers.

Alcohol is not a part of everyday life in Lampung. At Damai Bungalows you are free to drink. Outside in the villages, to respect local ways, Damai bungalows discourages alcohol consumption. We love to party but like to keep the vibe relaxed.

While we wouldn’t say, there is no malaria it isn’t something to worry about if you take the right precautions. Cover up at dusk n dawn, wear repellent and use the mosquito nets provided with each bed. We advise you to consult with your doctor as to what medications you will need for your holiday in Indonesia.

At Damai Bungalows we employ only local staff. Our staff are happy to have a secure income. We pay our staff year-round, regardless of whether we have guests or not. Currently 8 local families now have a permanent income from Damai Bungalows. We pay bonuses when workloads are busy & extra food left from the kitchen is always divided up among the staff. We feel privileged to be allowed to share this idyllic part of Sumatra with the locals and think of our staff like an extended family. We also aim at providing fresh, delicious, quality food, service & facilities. Remoteness is a blessing and a hindrance sometimes. We often drive 12 hour return trips to supply you with a variety of quality food.

We have everything from reef breaks to beachies in the area, there are several small wave spots that they can hook into. Directly in front of us when the swell is small is also very accommodating towards more nervous surfers.