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Independent Travellers (DIY)

For guests wishing to travel independently to Damai Bungalows, we offer an ex Bandar Lampung package which includes

2023/24 off season prices ( November – April)

Hit us up for off season pricing

No minimum stay during the off season, transfers to/from the airport will be added accordingly depending on numbers

2024 “on” season prices (May – October) based on 10 nights at Damai Bungalows inclusive of ALL above –

  • 4 pax – Rp6,600,000 each, approx $660aud
  • 3 pax – Rp6,800,000 each, approx $680aud
  • 2 pax – Rp7,200,000each, approx $720aud
  • 1 pax – Rp8,400,000each, approx $840aud

Larger groups & longer stays quoted individually. This option is booking direct with Damai Bungalows.

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Requirements Relating To Bookings

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Enquiries » enquiries

NOTE should you not arrive at the airport for any reason including airline troubles or being lost in an exotic jakartan nightclub in a drunken stupor, nights and transport booked are non refundable.

If you do have a misadventure, are delayed etc then PLEASE CONTACT US AS SOON AS YOU KNOW YOU MAY BE LATE SO WE CAN HELP YOU TO GET BACK ON TRACK.