Delicious Meals

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Delicious Meals for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Good meals are a huge part of any surf holiday. Over the past 13 years we have built up the reputation of having the area’s best meals. Ayu has trained all our kitchen staff on how to prepare and present our meals so they are plentiful & varied. NOBODY gets bored & NOBODY goes hungry at Damai.

Listening to feedback from our guests, you can now choose both breakfast & lunch with dinner being a buffet style meal. Choose what you want, when you want, all day. (3 meals inclusive in pricing)

Vegetarians can be catered for. Other specific dietary requirements will be assessed as they arise as long as prior notification is provided. Chilli fiends need not worry, just ask the staff to make you up a sambal that’ll blow your head off if that’s your thing.

Free tea & coffee is available all day, we’ve also ramped up the choices available at breakfast.

Delicious Meals » krui surf accommodation


Your choice, available options now include fruit, porridge, muesli (when available) fried/boiled rice/noodles, eggs & toast, jaffles, omelets, pancakes as well as fresh juice, tea & coffee.

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Delicious Meals » krui surf accommodation
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Delicious Meals » krui surf accommodation


Again, your choice, a revolving combination which changes daily can include burgers, sandwiches, wraps, pizza, jaffles, or Indonesian favourites like gado gado, fried rice or noodles, eat what you like in between your daily surfs.

Delicious Meals » krui surf accommodation


Are served buffet style and are all you can eat. We are mainly geared towards Indonesian dishes with fresh chicken, fish or beef curries, beef rendang & sate chicken is all accompanied with market fresh vege’s & rice. Fresh fish & chicken bbq’s (indo style) with all the trimmings prove popular as well. We have western dishes as well to break it up a bit (baked dinner anyone?)
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Meal Requests

We only cater for a maximum of 12 guests which means we can often decide with our guests what they might like to eat and create meals by request. If you have suggestions for us, let us know, we’re always happy to add to the list of delicious dishes we can provide.

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Snack Bar

We provide a bar snack menu available to visitors & guests alike who may wish to eat outside of meals provided.
Delicious Meals » krui surf accommodation
Delicious Meals » krui surf accommodation