Island Day Trips, Waterfall Treks and More

Traditional Indonesian lifestyle

Besides the waves in the Krui surf area, this part of Sumatra still provides an insight into traditional coastal village life. No disco’s or bars, no pushy hawkers trying to sell you things, no maca’s or kfc. Guests often tell us that once here they can feel the stress of life back home wash away as they sink into the Indonesian pace of doing things, which isn’t real fast. You wont die of stress out here.
Do as much or as little as you like, we can help you get to anywhere you want to go.

Local attractions

At Damai Bungalows we try to involve the local communities as much as possible. We can hook you up with necessary info & local drivers/guides to take you to the various attractions, such as:
• Day trips to beautiful Banana Island
• Treks to local waterfalls & surrounding flora/fauna
• Any traditional weddings/ceremonies that may be happening
• Searching out remote beaches & reefs
• Taste & buy coffee lewak direct from the producers
• Snorkeling & Fishing